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Be part of a beginner-friendly digital community to learn about the Bitcoin and Crypto ecosystem! 

Financial literacy is absolutely crucial. Your Bitcoin & Crypto ecosystem knowledge will be just as crucial (or maybe more) to understand the upcoming digital native economy!


Designed for New-coiners & No-coiners to learn about the Bitcoin & Crypto industry!

Join and engage with a digital community of fellow beginners who are just starting to learn - just like you!


$20  Annual Membership


*Website is currently optimized for Desktop view

A new

Digital Native Economy

is exponentially growing, leaving the old legacy world behind. There are tons of new investment & entrepreneurial opportunities that are waiting to be discovered! 


The Question is...

are you going to sit on the sidelines and let the opportunities go by? Or are you going to be part of new wave of investors and entrepreneurs who will power the new digital native economy?


If YOU went back in time to the '90s, knowing that the "internet" will  change society forever, are you the type that will: 

1. Just use the internet as a consumer and nothing more

2. Invest in tech companies like Apple, Google, Cisco knowing that the internet will disrupt how society operates

3. Dedicating your time to learn more about the internet and preparing to take advantage of the internet to grow your business

If you chose #2 and/or #3, then you are the exact type of person that will benefit from this membership!




Organize and grow a beginner-friendly digital community to learn about current crypto topics. Create a fun organic digital networking environment for members




Making sure members will understand the different types of cryptocurrencies as well as learn about different parts of the crypto ecosystem that involves investing, trading, digital art collectibles, and many more!




Provide easily digestible educational content for members so they are well equipped to become a crypto and financially literate individuals

*We do not give ANY financial or investment advice, only information about the Bitcoin & Crypto Ecosystem!

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